Would you get a 3D Printed Car?

Liam Neeson in Darkman (1990)

Liam Neeson in Darkman (1990) | Courtesy Image to TotalFilm.com

When I think about 3D printing object, I think about Liam Neeson’s character in Darkman (1990) reconstructing his face and his enemies’ faces with his 3D clay printing equipment. That was cool and it certainly would be cool now if I could use tools like that. Although I wouldn’t want to reconstruct any faces. Perhaps the porn industry uses this tech to shape-to-taste dildos since they use a rubber, plastics, etc from molded penises, vaginae and anal holes. (O.K., I don’t know how I went from Darkman to porn, but that was awesome.)

So if I were to think outside the box, printing a 3D Car would be something like self-assembling a robot like how the robots on assembly lines build electronics. As little of human input as possible. According to techbeat, car buyers would need a highly specialized 3D printer (duh!) that would be delivered to them where they could input their specifications for the car they want. The device would build the car right in front of the buyer. Of course, if you could afford one in your home, you’d have to be rolling in dough. So I’d believe that car manufacturers would have such devices so that their customers can come in, “order” their car and sit and wait as though it was fast food.

But let’s dissect this for a bit. All the specs that go into building a car would have to be 3D printed also. How would that even work? You’re creating materials straight from thin air? In the picture below, you can see that the machine has areas for certain materials.

Genesis - Self-Assembling 3D Printed Car Concept Drawing

Nis Siegel, Genesis concept creator and designer. Courtesy Image TechBeat.com

The machine would go around itself building like if it was building an android. We do have that technology – to self-assemble things I mean in a closed space. But this is a whole new ballgame. But what about the engine, and extra features?

Nis Siegel, a vehicle designer who created the Genesis self-assemble 3D printed car concept, has a car design that looks like the vehicles in Demolition Man.

Demolition Man Car Gallery

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In other words, some form of hybrid car that runs not on gasoline but maybe energy. Therefore, what this concept is creating is a brand new type of car but also made from a customer’s specifications. It would be a whole brand new line. And that was why I had a hard time figuring out what materials would be used. Obviously, I was thinking of the machine making current car models. But this will not be the case as the first hybrid 3D printed car is in production as you read this post.


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