Twitter,Facebook,Google+: Three-way brand page shootout [2011 Phase]


The following post was published in December 2011. Now that it’s almost two years, lots of changes has taken place on all three platforms to incorporate more brands using the platforms. Stay tuned for a 2013 phase update and which platforms I use frequently for my brands.

CNET News – Rafe’s Radar wrote an article about the 3 top social networks bringing out tools and resources for brands to market their products and services on their platform. It has a pretty good insight about using the three social networks for brands. However just because numbers are there doesn’t mean that’s what drives your brand. There’s more interpersonal interaction on Google+ since it launched then what I’ve seen on Facebook in all the years I’ve been on it. Quite frankly, I like the quality of Google+ content then Facebook and Twitter. Therefore more “mature” users are going to be on there.