Social Hotels – A Bit Much?

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Social integration never ceases to amaze me but then I read something a bit unnerving today on Apparently there are hotels featuring social integration like never before. The two so far are Instagram Hotel and Twitter Hotel. These hotels developed their spaces to accommodate modern travellers. They went so far as to have special events and locations around the hotel specific to sharing them with your choice of social networks.

The Unnerving Part

First, watch this video about how smart phone addiction can ruin real life moments:

I experience these moments with others all the time and sometimes I’m the one not living in the moment. ¬†Technology is useful and you need to train yourself how to use it properly so it won’t interfere with your social or personal life. I get it. It’s not the phone controlling me, its me not being in control. But can society attribute to this addiction? I think it has and with these social hotels, they are promoting you to spend more time on your phone and less time actually enjoying the scenery.

Why do these hotels have to reconfigure areas for social integration? Taking photos of the moment is precisely simultaneous. A space re-designed to be captured for moments spells two things: it wasn’t much to be enjoyed in the first place or you’re engaging occupants to interact with it more. Design by encouraging narcissistic behavior doesn’t seem healthy to me.


I think we need to regroup our priorities when it comes to immersing ourselves with the latest technology or else we’ll find ourselves like in the movie Wall-E when humans in the ship stopped directly communicating with those around them and they were all focused on the screens in front of them. There was a point to where they didn’t even notice what was happening around them as their ship began to descend from gravity pull. Everything was connected except for themselves.

Remember people, stop and smell the roses. Put the phones down and enjoy the moments you get because one day you won’t be enjoying anything anymore. People don’t need to be glued in to everything that you do or go or who you are with. Keep some things private.