GetGlue Guru Abuse




GetGlue Guru Abuse


The above screenshot shows an image of a popular user Fidel J.** (see note below), whose been on GetGlue since the first year of its launch, just like I have. He is a frequent user, and at that time, Getglue rewarded Gurus of Check-ins. Getglue had 5 main categories to check-in and view the latest offerings in those genres: Movies, Books, Music, Television, Topics, Sports, Video Games. And you would check-in whatever you were reading, playing, listening to, watching, thinking about and doing. They also gave rewards such as stickers if you reached different fan-level statues.

The other rewards were books or even films if you became Guru of a certain check-in page. A guru on getglue means that you have posted the most comments or check-ins frequently to that page or you posted a review and any of your comments, check-ins or your review had a higher amount of Likes plus mood statues tallies. It was a competition then for seeing who can become guru when the system finally checked the status. You could be booted off as well if someone had a higher count than you. Ah the good ‘ole times. That was when GetGlue really meant something special.  

Instead of seeing a healthy competition, you started observing the abusers of the system. The review sections of the check-ins were suppose to be only for reviews of the entertainment, but now you started seeing news posts of that entertainment. Observe above in the image where you see news or ‘insights’ in place of actual reviews or previews of the film. I can get behind trailer previews and giving your opinion about it in the review section, but NEWS? News could have been posted in the regular comments section.

What this abuse has done was gradually decreased the Guru Awards until it was completely gone. I don’t know if Getglue’s affiliates stopped giving their copies of items to reward the Gurus or the Guru system itself became a sham, but either way, no more freebies after the hardwork of PROVING you were Guru of your favorite entertainment. What Getglue also included in the system while the Guru system became less than stellar was the notifications of people requesting to become Guru. That’s right, you could now ask your friends/followers to vote you up to become Guru. Because of this I had to turn my email notifications off from receiving so many Guru requests from the SAME PEOPLE OVER AND OVER. I’ve been on GetGlue long enough to tell you who are the top 10 Guru fanatics and these same people I get requests from every single day several times a day. 

So curiously I looked to see why they want to become Guru. Hey, they could have an awesome review or opinion insight. And I was dead wrong. Nothing but news posts in the review section. So possibly due to complaints, Getglue, in addition to the website’s remodeling, made a feed section for each check-in page to feature Reviews, Stickers, a News Feed/Comment section, Details of the Entertainment, Fans that you are following, and other details. Unfortunately the request for Guru-ship is still there and I want that feature to go away. There is no reason to become Guru anymore unless you are using it to market your own content. The top 10 fanatics might very well have their own entertainment reviews website and if they do, more power to them, but I just hate it when the Reviewers section is filled with nothing but one-lined opinions and news. The quality is gone, so far gone. Now if you’re looking for news about the entertainment, then you might like it. 

I still like Getglue and use it frequently but not as frequent as before because of the decrease in the entertainment genres you could check into. You can now only check into movies, TV and Sports. No more music, video games, topics and books which is a real shame. A lot of users left because of it, quality ones at that. Now you have people claiming to know stuff when they don’t, being Guru and what not. A real sham of a once awesome check-in tool. The only thing I get out of it is meeting new people who share the same love I have for our favorite entertainment. I could also use it to promote Delightful Critics, posting summary reviews if I wanted to. We shall see. 

**By no means am I saying that Fidel J. is a mean person and he should be banned or any hateful things like that. He is a solid human who participated in several conversations with me. I just don’t like his actions concerning the Guru status.


[box_light]Have you used in the past and feel that the Getglue Guru abuse stomped one of the best features the website had? Do you use it now and feel as though its still a great tool, maybe even a social check-in network?[/box_light]