Facebook Domination Will Be Sacked


At one point Myspace dominated the social status of the Internet. I even met my now fiancée there. Then it started to dwindle. I think because of the quality of content, the craziness and stupidity of people using Myspace. If you didn’t have a Myspace, apparently something was wrong with you. Even Myspace thought there was something wrong with you because it wouldn’t let you do a simple deletion of your own account. 


But at least Myspace didn’t evade other people’s Space online…unlike Facebook. 


There’s hundreds or thousands of websites offering Facebook’s login alternative to their own just to have users on board with them. Making it simple for the user? More like letting Facebook rule that is all Internet. Once you login with your Facebook account, Facebook can track every site you registered on and how often you’re on it. But of course you still have privacy online right? Read how Facebook is killing your Authenticaticity.


Gaming companies like Zunga who are dominate in social gaming are looking to decrease their dependency on Facebook. Who can blame them? Not everyone has a Facebook account just like not everyone has a Twitter or Google account. People are leaving Facebook more and more each year. They have grown too fucking big. When the President meets the Founder of a social network, you know there are conflicts of interest and something shady is going on. 


The less dependency the better.