My Best Halloween Experience


Six Flags Fright Fest had nothing on this now-gone Madison Square Garden Halloween event. This event was a maze filled with mini-attractions that groups of people went through one by one. While awaiting on the line, which was two hours wait-time, I could hear the screams coming from the maze and I made sure that my mother was very close to me.  

Unfortunately for me, I was the last person on the group line before the line rope closed off behind me as I eased forward into the maze. The first attraction featured a narrator sharing a story about this madman that seemed to be locked away in this cage. He was making a big fuss trying to scare us through the metal cage. I thought it was rather lame, rolling my eyes. It was then time for us to move on to the next attraction. 


While I was walking away with my mother in front, I felt a cold breeze on my shoulder. I should have known something frightening was about to happen…remember that madman locked away in his cage? He broke free and had a chain saw…he tapped me on the shoulder and said “Boo!”…


I almost fainted. I screamed so loud I thought my past lives heard it. I was clawing for an escape because the chainsaw madman had me cornered. My mom was the closest thing to me and her poor unsuspecting purse had it coming. I tried to grab her purse and smack the madman with it. I’m a New Yorker, you just don’t sneak up on them like that. Well she didn’t want to give it up and so the purse strap snapped before I realized that the chainsaw was plastic making the chainsaw noise from an audio clip and the madman started laughing and telling me its alright, he’s just part of the show.


That’s an event I’ll never forget. The rest of the maze wasn’t nearly as scary as that first attraction and quite frankly, I have forgotten most of the maze. But I will point out some memories I had of it.


There was another attraction featuring individuals with their heads chopped off on silver platters. The heads were still alive because their hosts were still making faces. I do believe one of them came out the table and tried to scare me, but by then I was already on the lockout for the crazies. 

Event Horizon Tunnel

The Scary Tunnel in Event Horizon. Read the Event Horizon review at LoveCraft Reviews. Click the image!


There was a walkway in the maze that looked like the walkway in Event Horizon, a scene where the characters are walking towards the heart of the ship, where the artificial black hole warp device was located. I remembered that movie while walking through, and I was afraid there was an attraction just as scary as Event Horizon was. Luckily for us and my mom’s purse, it wasn’t.


Nearing the end of the maze was an attraction not yet completed. It was The Mummy attraction  which probably took place either a few months to a year after The Mummy or its sequel. 


During the whole event I wore these new boots I just purchased because it was snowy outside and I didn’t want my sneakers to get messed up. Word to the wise, never wear new boots to an event that you are mostly on your feet for. My feet were aching the whole time which is probably why I still remembered the event that happened more than 10 years ago.


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