Our Criteria

In the Delightful Critics Club, we define what qualifies as a good game, film, music piece, literature, anime, TV series, recreational entertainment, live event and technology. We also define our recommendations, our arguments and create our very own universal principles of entertainment and technology


The ‘Great’ Criteria


  1. A great game not only plays like an interactive piece of artwork, but you feel like your in the world setting of the game, portraying the characters and immersing in the story. Another aspect could be the overall difficulty of the frequency of environments. A bit of a challenge can go a long way. 
  2. A great film or TV show plays to your intellect, your heart, and/or your funny bone. If it hits all three, its one of the best there is. 
  3. A great anime should have all three hits from a film times 10. Your emotions run high like the tallest mountain and it runs low like the river of lava never seen by man.
  4. A great music soundtrack or score compliments the film, game, TV show or anime helping you realize the depth and glory of it. Sometimes it can stand alone, making you daydream about fantasies or reminiscing the old times. It could be symphony to your mind, body and soul.
  5. A great book makes you feel like you’ve accomplished something great in your life. Usually you’d want to tell all your friends about it, call up the author and say “damn, that was a great read”, or simply make you read it all over again. But what it mostly does is make you dread to read the ending yet at the same time you just have to. Your life is on hold until you find out what happens. it takes you on a journey that only a ghost can admire because they’ve experienced their life already
  6. A great streaming platform allows you to be social and watch your favorite entertainment in clear standard or high definition with different screen options. It also has less advertising intrusions, user friendly, great customer service, reasonable pricing, less frames per second drops, huge selection of content/entertainment, friendly community, plenty of updates to blog and platform, a vast amount of service communications, and mobile functionality.
  7. A great recreational event such as amusement parks makes you lose all sort of time and space. You are having so much fun that you forgot what day it was! There are many aspects to having a great time at an amusement park or other events because of attractions. However, those aspects are left up to the reviewer. 
  8. A great live event such as a concert is similar to having fun at an amusement park and combined with a great music soundtrack. there are many aspects of this as well left up to the reviewer.
  9. A great tech is a product that extends your personality through the device or gadget. The tech becomes apart of you, bordering obsession with absolute necessity. Its easy to control and manipulate or customize to your every whim. And best of all, it can work well with others in their genre such as an app ecosystem or accessories. 
  10. A great debate in motion gives you the pleasure of being apart of a intellectual or leveled discussion with your mature and respectable peers. It also has a high number of interaction to explore different viewpoints on the topic. You walk away feeling more socially accepted and your mind blown.