Small Band, Big Sound: Goldfish


[box_light]Welcome to the first of this series of articles “Small Bands, Big Sounds”.  This series will be talking about bands past and present that either are struggling or never gotten the attention they should well deserve.[/box_light]


Goldfish (2004-Present day 2014)



Goldfish Soundtracks and Comebacks video

Courtesy: Goldfish Vimeo

The first band we will be talking about is Goldfish. They’re built of primarily 2 guys (Dominic Peters and David Poole) from Cape Town, South Africa and features different vocalists in their songs. They are a band that mixes the electric sounds of today with upbeat jazz. What makes them stand out is their live performances aren’t just turning knobs and sliders but also, get ready for this, instruments! I’ve been growing tired of the old electric sound trying to add as many wubs and whoos and pings and pongs without it sounding like a complete mess.  Goldfish has found a unique sound and a great balance between these electric signals and the classic sounds of instruments such as saxophone, piano and more!

They have a few animated music videos on their channel and their first few (Soundtracks and Comebacks, We Come Together and Fort Knox) have reached 1 Million Views (which is also a song they made in celebration). So wait, if they have reached 1 million views on 3 of their music videos, why are they on this list?  Well, I live in the good ol’ USA and unfortunately, Keisha, Miley Cyrus and the like are really the only “artists” that pollute the radio stations we have aside from Country and Classic Rock stations.  Also, when you think about it, 1 Million views isn’t a lot when compared to the other music videos that are out there so they are still small enough to be on this list.


Where Are They Now?

They’re still here making music and performing across the world with their latest Album, “3 Second Memory”!


  1. Played at Ultra Music Festival 2013
  2. Reached top 10 US iTunes Dance Charts with the song, Fort Knox
  3. Set a record at the South African Music Awards for most nominations.
  4. Nominated in the Best Alternative category at MTV Africa Music Awards in 2008.


  1. Caught in the Loop (2006)
  2. Perceptions of Pacha (2008)
  3. Perceptions of Pacha REMIXED (2009)
  4. Get Busy Living (2010)
  5. Goldfish (2012)
  6. Three Second Memory (2013)