Salary Info + 2013 Guide for Aspiring Video Game Composers


Its quite difficult to find decent Career Guides for aspiring video game professionals let alone finding salary information for the most popular industry positions. Since Delightful Critics recommends video game music soundtracks, we shall also provide helpful advice for video game composers on how to break into the industry. It’s one of our duties to help the gaming community move along.

From our recent search, we came across a guide written by Ryan Getsei on The Current Vibe specifically for aspiring video game composers. Before we tell you more about the guide, I think its important to let you know what salaries generally look like for video game composers and musicians.



According to Animation Arena:

Musicians or composers in the video game design industry will generally have a starting salary of $55,000 a year until you have around three years of experience. Once you have been in the industry between three and six years you will begin making $62K a year. If you have the staying power you can make on the average $90,000 a year once you have over six years in the industry. The highest salary we have found for a musician is $215,000 a year.



This piece of information tells us a few things but most importantly think about this:

  • Depending on your location and the studio, the starting salaries could be a few thousand less or more. Its really about LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION.
  • If you are already in the entertainment industry composing music and then you go to video game music, your salary would probably carry over since you have experience composing music already. Just look at the LATimes article about Hollywood composers migrating to video game music.
  • Are you going for big-budget games, indie games, or finding a middle ground? Although if you’re breaking into the industry, you’d want anything you can get to show off your talent.


Now let’s go back to the 2013 Guide for Aspiring Video Game Composers


Though the guide is a few months old, it has some really good points:

  • Network to find Audio Directors, especially in smaller game development studios.
  • Learn everything you can about the indie game industry, contacting indie game developers to get noticed. You can do gigs here and there to build up your portfolio.
  • Look to the current trends to plan for a future strategy. Mobile games are on the rise.
  • Attend gaming conventions. You never know who you’ll run into that can give you an opportunity.
  • Be patient and live like you are already a big time game music composer!


Ok, some of these points I added my own flavor to them, but I think you get the jest of it. Just go to the link for the full details of every point.

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Source: Animation Area