Making Your Own Bundles: Bundle Dragon


[pullquote_left]Good thing I didn’t come out with my own indie bundle platform because I would be competing with the successful Game Music Bundle.[/pullquote_left]Bundle Dragon allows content creators/providers to sell and market or publish and distribute their own bundles of music, e-books, games, software and anything digital to a wide range of audiences using the pay-as-you-want bundle format.

The Illustrious Features

  • Beautiful front-end showcasing the pay-as-you-want “bundle” model as seen on, and
  • A powerful platform made to easily create bundles of choice matching their brand. Also, they can create multiple tiers to reward higher contributors or paying more than the minimum, have time-sensitive packages, and have unlockable content additions.
  • Popular checkout transaction processors such as Google Checkout, Paypal and Amazon Payments.
  • and to throw the fudge on top of this ice cream layer, loads of marketing and promoting for each bundle!


The Pricing Model is Ridiculously Awesome

Bundle Dragon’s pricing model goes like this: its free to use their platform! They make money based on the sale transactions keeping their percentage rates below 13.00% or having their flat rate at $0.10 for different revenue ranges.


What this means for gamers

Gamers can now get indie content all in one source and on the cheap. This does not mean bundles from the other platforms may get recycled here but it just means that you now have more access to a variety of digital content that the gaming industry studios and professionals want you to have. I sure hope that there aren’t repeated bundles, which goes into the next section…


What this means for other platforms

Bundle Dragon will be a nice competitor for other bundles and vice versa. They will compete with each other to get the best of the best in the gaming industry that might fall on deaf ears, eyes and hands focusing on AAA &  indie content and other gaming platforms like Steam or


What this means for the industry

Could this mark the beginning of a whole new sub-industry? It already has with Humble Bundle. They have set the standard and they are the first. Indie game developers will always come to them because they have the most clout in the sub-industry. Also, recently Humble Bundle tried their hand in another content bundle that was not games. It too was successful. What I’d like to see are these platforms making their way to portable systems such as OUYA, Gamestick, mobile and tablet devices.


Do you think the indie games industry is headed in the right direction with these “bundle” models? How about a ‘one-size-fits-all’ platform?



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