Main Features

The following are Delightful Critics Club main features on the website. Use this page to anticipate certain content to follow up.


Genres of Entertainment covered: 

  1. Video Games
  2. Films
  3. Television
  4. Technology (including Online TV & Streaming and other entertainment-only products)
  5. Anime
  6. Literature (including novels, short stories, fanfiction, comic books, manga, magazines, e-books and audiobooks) 
  7. Music (including fav genres, soundtracks and original scores)
  8. Recreational (including museums, amusement parks, etc.)
  9. Live Entertainment (including concerts, industry events, etc.)

 Read how we review and critique these genres.


We have 8 features in total with 8 Featurettes in the Series feature. These features include: 

  1. The Delightful Critics Club Blog (News and Announcements of brand)
  2. News – All entertainment. 
  3. Reviews – All entertainment. 
  4. Previews – not strictly videogames but can include other entertainment. 
  5. Trailers – All entertainment. 
  6. Ask and Tell/Coliseum – when Fans ask a question via a contract form on the Ask and Tell page, these questions are answered in the Coliseum category.
  7. Series – Contains Featurettes
  8. Featured Stories – highly opinionated single opinion views of said entertainment.

The Featurettes are as follows:


  • Nintendo Saves the Day
    • We inform you about positive Nintendo company and games news that benefits the industry and its gamers, because we all know Nintendo gets a bad rap.
  • Original Fanfiction
    • We write original stories of our favorite characters and customized character storyline in games and possibly anime 
  • Blazing Entrails
    • We rant about anything entertainmentwise
  • Events After Thought
    • We discuss highlights and give opinions on gaming events or other entertainment events
  • Wishing Well
    • Part 1 – Sharing current wish list of games. 
    • Part 2 – includes newly purchased games from the wish list.  
  • Cross Adaptations – Games2Movies, Anime2Movies, Movies2Games
    • A summary of how some games and anime can be a great success if made into a live-action or animated movie
  • The Jugular
    • We Post images and videos of funny things around the web
  • Enter the appreciation
    • We write about companies, people and characters we admire in entertainment.