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Do you love the work the Editorial and Critics of the Roundtable panel does and want to become part of the teams?

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How to join the Editorial team or COTR panel

If you already have content The Delightful Critics Club promoted or featured, then you might have a good chance to become the next author or be included on the Critics of the Roundtable (COTR) Panel. Because we always contact members or guests who have their contact featured with us, just use the same communications that we notified you on to request your addition to the Editorial team or panel.

If you haven’t had any content featured or promoted and want to join:

  • The Editorial Team (includes articles and videos) – send us an email to delightfulcritics (at) gmail(dot)com
  • The Critics of the Roundtable podcast/videocast – send us an email to COTR (at) delightfulcritics(dot)com

To request more information, send us an email to or use the Contact Form.

Please read the newly created FAQ for quick answers to popular questions about our COTR and the Editorial Team.




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What is the COTR?

The COTR (Panel) consists of you and other critics or writers that debate in a roundtable format on topics about entertainment industries and certain events.

An example of a roundtable format would be a podcast having 3-5 people with multiple segments. For the main segment, The host of the podcast or videocast would ask a question and the co-hosts and guests would answer. In a roundtable debate, the question would be like a debate subject requiring pros and cons answers. Of course, not every topic will have a clear pro and con answer, but the mission here is to have a variety of opinions.


[toggle_box title=”How flexible is the Editorial Team and Panel?” width=”100″]

The team and panel is built around the fundamental framework of “having a life offline”. From our publishing schedules to meeting up with panelists to do a podcast/videocast, it all depends on your availability and what is best for you. Being a panelist and/or affiliate  is a good choice if you have very low availability. Being a part of the Editorial team is a great choice for medium to high availability because some of our content requires multiple authors and we have lots of meetings.

With either team, you’ll be contributing on our own pace. However, when it comes to collaboration, you have to commit to a time variation for any content pieces you want to contribute to.


[toggle_box title=”How does the COTR panel work?” width=”100″]

The panel has two spaces: a Core group and a Guests group. The Core group are the frequent panelists that are mostly present during any given podcast or videocast. The Guests group are the infrequent or interview guests. The Guests group are mostly the ones always interchanging.

There is an unlimited number of panelists as a whole. It is to be as flexible as possible, with people switching out and participating at their leisure. However, only a specified number of panelists can participate in general for a podcast, videocast, Q&A, etc. The following list are the specified numbers:

  • Podcast and Videocasts: only 4-6 panelists allowed, including guests.
  • Q&A Interview: Up to 4 panelists allowed, but subject to change.

Fans can interact with the panel during recording for videocasts.


[toggle_box title=”How will the COTR debate?” width=”100″]

The COTR currently has 5 platforms to debate on: a podcast, a videocast, roundtable editorials and at online or regular/offline events.

For podcast and videocast – The COTR panel will add topics for an upcoming session in a list. The panel votes on which topics to use and disregard. Then each comes up with their own responses to the questions at a prep mock overview. The cast then goes live at a time specified by the participants and recorded.

For editorials – There is an ongoing list of topics or existing posts that allows for panelists to add their topics to or opinions/critiques. Basically to collaborate for roundtable news, reviews, previews and debates in motion. 

For online or regular events – The panel can appear on other media outlets as a guest team to debate topics, participate in panel vs fan debate events or attend live events and have live debates.


[toggle_box title=”What are the benefits of being on the Editorial team or COTR panel? ” width=”100″]

Here’s a list of benefits so far:

  • Making new friends in the entertainment medium
  • Participating in events online and around the world
  • Getting your hands on free merchandise for reviews, etc.
  • Press Credentials
  • Another platform to feature your original content (only if you are an affiliate)
  • A platform to get noticed
  • Growth in entertaining your audience
  • Eventually becoming part of the staff that has their own set of benefits



[toggle_box title=”What are the qualifications of joining?” width=”100″]

To be on the COTR panel or Editorial team, you must have these and have backgrounds in certain genres:

  1. Access to a webcam and/or mic to participate in video or audio chats, online meetings and online events
  2. A decent PC to run certain applications the team uses for management and to play and/or stream games
  3. History of critiquing in any of these genres: Video games, movies, anime, Television, Books, Music, Technology, Live entertainment and Recreational entertainment.
  4. Critical debating, critical writing and creative writing. You must have samples of writing which includes writing news, reviews and features or if you do video blogging, must have samples of video that includes you discussing/debating about news or doing a review in your particular entertainment genre(s).
  5. Previous participation in podcasts and videocasts a plus.


I’m also looking for these skills/abilities:

  • Ability to work with a team
  • Have initiative to research for topics, participate in focus groups/feedback sessions and contribute to the brand and community
  • Communicative Skills
  • Analytic skills
  • Debating skills
  • Creative Writing and Journalism skills
  • Ability to receive Criticism without flying off the deep end
  • Ability to moderate if needed
  • Ability to do basic social media marketing
  • Able to present yourself in a respectful and entertaining manner



You think you have what it takes to join The Delightful Critics Team or Panel?

View below for the next step.


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Answer the following questions to put in contact form request:



  • Why do you want to join the panel? 
  • What are your current qualifications? 
  • Genre-Specific:
    • Do you have the current generation or next-generation of gaming consoles and/or portable systems?
    • Are you a movie buff?
    • Do you read books or comics frequently?
    • Do you listen to lots of music soundtracks and original scores?
    • How often do you watch anime?
    • How often do you go to live entertainment events such as concerts, general events, etc.
    • How often do you have recreational entertainment experiences such as going to museums, amusement parks, national parks, etc.
    • How often do you debate on your favorite topics/genres?
  • What are your current skills that can be useful to the panel or the editorial team?
  • How did you find out about the Delightful Critics Club? 
  • What’s your favorite content on or in our community groups?
  • Have you participated in any of our events or community debates?




Page last updated: November 2, 2013