The Consumer Blowback: Cutting Out The Middlemen


If the customer is always right or customer demands lead to more similar products and services then why do customers feel jibbed? If new trends steer the particular market due to new technologies or new social approaches to the same products and services, then why don’t brands use this to lead their customers on the right path to save money, optimize productivity, or experience new entertainment? 


The following list of trends in entertainment come to mind: 

  • classic horror film-making making a comeback with Evil Dead remake and Paranormal Activity series, 
  • musical artists using social media, digital music platforms and video sharing to make money off of video views, 
  • indie video game platforms using social e-commerce and a new approach to setting your own price as a way to sell games, 
  • Self-publishing your own novel via e-readers platforms, 
  • Internet-based business, 
  • and the list goes on.


If you notice, these entertainment trends seem to be cutting out the middleman and the creators are doing most of the work themselves either for better branding influence, more customer memorability, or for a bigger piece of the profits. The new trends help consumers on so many levels. Let’s face it, the publishing industry are losing their touch with the reality of how and why a consumer spends their money. Not only this, the advertising and marketing industry for entertainment simply don’t care anymore how invasive, outrageous, inconsiderate and inappropriate their campaigns targeting their audience get. We are fed what to do in every aspect of our lives 24/7 with most times not being remotely compatible with the branding of the company in which is being marketed, advertised or published.

Ditching the Old, Improving the New

Their clients are ditching them for more hands-on social approaches that are proving to be very lucrative. If technology and social enterprise are paving the way for more social interaction and integration then why are publishers, marketers and advertisers still holding on to the traditional business practices that are no longer useful, valid and over budgeted? 


[quote]The consumers brought their way to the heart of capitalism, standing on the edge with the last few dollars in their hand, gasping for a reason as to why they left a trail of useless possessions because an ad told them to, seeking a social freedom of shopping that would understand their interests, experiences and preferences rather than shove unrelated, bias, and questionable bloat-ware into their lives. – Quaisha [/quote]


The publishers don’t seem to get the bigger picture. A consumer wants to spend. Give them a better reason to spend and stop waving around quick scheme entertainment that dilutes the quality real entertainers and talented professionals worked so hard to contribute to. 


[quote]Give me the space to choose, give me the time to search, give me the talent I crave, give me the silence I need, give me the solace I want. – Quaisha[/quote]




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