Indie Games Vs AAA-Games: Which Should Have Better Reveals?


It depends on the conference really as to which one would be better to reveal.  Everyone’s going to want to see the new big-time stuff but does that really help the business?  If all you do is re-hash old material to make sequels, the story has to end at some point and you can’t drag it for too long.  Granted, nostalgia plays such a huge role in gaming that the occasional comebacks are needed but let’s not forget how the gaming world evolved: some 1-person teams introduced gameplay and controller configurations that revolutionized the standard mapping we have now and put forth original ideas.  

Video Games such as Twisted Metal and Prince of Persia didn’t come from a huge budget. The original Prince of Persia games were made with two people, the developer and his younger brother, who were used to making different model animations of characters. Both games became so popular that most of the gaming community has either played or heard of the games and their sequels which were then made with bigger budgets. As much as we want to know the newer and bigger games coming out, we should also give the smaller budget games a try.

In regards to which would be better to reveal in an E3 conference, I’d say it would be better if the conferences showed indie games over the AAA-title games.  Why would this be the case? Most big budget games are made by third-party developers who will have their own conference at E3 anyways.  So basically, you’re seeing the same thing twice but in two different conferences.  However, if we add some smaller budget games to the mix, it could end up being another or the next icon of the console.

New talent shouldn’t be shoved off as just another group of people with too much time on their hands, it should be seen as new possibilities, more original ideas and designs and the next generation of third party and in-house development teams.  What’s been scaring me recently is there hasn’t really been something extraordinarily original lately: a handful of zombie games, the usual shooters, and gaming sequels that’s on its 3rd game and so-on.  I want to see more games that are like Borderlands and Bioshock; original bosses, wacky characters and great looking worlds.  Granted, these aren’t really your lower budget games created by some odd group of people but the more new talent that are brought in, the better chances there are of a completely new idea to arise.

I know it would be pretty hard to go to one of those conferences and choose to play an indie game demo over a big-shot title but unless you’re really unsure that you want the game, you’re only playing it to get a glimpse of the game.  Chances are, you already got the game on pre-order and you know you’ll like it.  So why not try something new and see what these new developers got up their sleeve?


[box_info]Which type of game do you think should have better reveals at an E3 Conference? Indie games/Non-AAA Games or keep it the same?[/box_info]