GTA V Predictions: A Digital-Only Game Release Will Not Work


 The following post was published in December, 2011.


In my previous post, I mentioned that a digital trend will not cause retail copies of games to fall. This argument is repeated because analysts are thinking the new Grand Theft Auto game will be digital-only. Again, I don’t know why these analysts are getting paid or even have a job if they are making bold statements such as this.

GTA V by developer Rockstar can’t and won’t release a digital-only copy by next year or so. Reasons you say? Because not everyone has access to high speed internet nor does the current infrastructure allow games with high memory to be downloaded at a fast rate. MY current speed allows me to download 1GB at maybe 45 minutes to 1.5 hours depending on the source speeds. Games, especially the next generation, will be around 20GB or more. That’s downloading for more than 20 hours straight.



GaikaiLet’s say it’s a stream-only game. This could be on PC platforms like OnLive or Gaikai. But you still need a fast connection and a high quality computer and not everyone has access to it. Therefore, always provide options to the consumer.

It seems that the big companies in the video game industry want to figure out more ways of making their pockets bigger rather than making the playing field better for consumers. They want to jump on the Digital-road but they are running out of bits because consumers are barricading their wallets. Why does it seem OK to lose customers with digital-only releases? Haven’t they learned their lesson from the PSP Go flop? and now you have to pay to play your USD games on your PS Vita when its converted to a digital copy. 

[box_light]Are you pro-digital? or pro-retail? or a bit of both?[/box_light]