First Impression: Epic The Video Game


Where to get Epic The Video Game:  Android Google Play store (and Apple App Store)

Price of app: free

I get free-to-play games, but when the game wants you to spend real money to further the gameplay because all of a sudden the items you need requires the hard to get currency, that’s when I put my foot down. So no I’d rather pay money up front then being nickeled and dimed for every move I make in the game.

Other than my personal preference, the game is probably very similar to the movie. You are building up a forest kingdom military units to go on the offense and defend the city. You also battle other kingdoms and enemy armies. Your hard-to-get currency which looks like orbs are quickly used up because you don’t get that many to begin with and the tasks you receive don’t give you much either. Sadly some items and tasks need those orbs to further gameplay.

Either you take advantage of the list of how to get free orbs or you buy orbs with real money. I was not willing to do either and it sadden me that I could not go any further. I wish this game was $10 or less and that way I wouldn’t have to worry about getting nickeled and dimed every move.


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