Editor’s Pick: Our Top Surprises of E3 2013


Vincent’s Top 5 Surprises


Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy 15 announcements


Square Enix hit a grand slam with the surprise announcement that these games are being developed. I was growing weary with the constant KH releases and ports to 3DS and PS2, yet no PS3 love (except for that HD port.) I was beginning to think that Enix was going to cancel it. But they changed my view on it! Also Final Fantasy 15 looks a lot better than FF13 with characters, setting and potential battle system. Granted it was CGI footage, but it was enough to get me to add it to my potential buying list.


EA and Dice’sBattlefield 4’s Ambition


They are knocking on Activision’s door with amazing improvements in online gameplay. The fact you can blow up a skyscraper, jump down with parachutes and more variety with vehicle selection. It is a huge leap from the third installment. It also poses a legit competition with Call of Duty; which could be on a decline after Black Ops 2 and Modern Warfare 3. This could be fourth time lucky for EA and Battlefield franchise to steal the thunder.


The X-Box One price and their used game policies


Paying 500 coconuts seems a bit steep. Microsoft should have learned from Sony’s mistake with the first PS3 price (of $599) announcement from before. Also the borrowing system, entering a code to verify every 24 hours and all that nonsense was bollocks. I cannot believe they were going this route.


Sony’s counter attack on Microsoft’s used game polices and their price of PS4


Sony simply trumped on the Microsoft debacle with making their system price $400 ($50 more than the Wii-U.) And Jack Tretton making the claim that gamers can borrow games and sell them at their leisure was epic.


Lack of Call of Duty: Ghost presence


I guess Infinity Ward was living up to the title. I did not see a single reference to this game in the conferences. Maybe later on there were demos or you tube video footage, but I was looking forward to seeing this game in action! We know the franchise will hit the wall eventually, hopefully not this soon. I want to see Ghosts and Battlefield 4 duke it out this year.


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