Editor’s Pick: Our Top Surprises of E3 2013


Quaisha’s Top 10 Surprises

Metal Gear Solid 5 being open world


Though I’m not much of a fan of the Metal Gear Solid franchise, I was taken back by the sheer surprise of the new game in the series being open world. From the small amount of time I put into a couple of MGS games over the years, the format was kill or be killed but keep it quiet and also set on a linear path. The game I just watched didn’t look like a MGS game at all, which I thought was a good thing. I’m a heavy RPG player so any franchise adapting more RPG elements is always a good thing in my book of gaming glory.

Xbox Live Gold members receiving two free games per month until the end of 2013


At least Microsoft is offering some kind of reward to Xbox Live Gold members after all this time. Quit frankly they are so late that I don’t even know if its worth getting Xbox Live Gold. I have gone without it for about a year and change. I don’t miss it at all. The Xbox Live Rewards program is a joke. But they see how well Playstation Network Plus is doing well with their free games per month program. But Microsoft, couldn’t you just have it available until the Xbox 360 ceases its game development? Why the end of 2013?



Killer Instinct remake


Though KI was mentioned pre-E3, it was just a rumor. I was utterly shocked even when it was first announced as a rumor. I was even more shocked when Microsoft showed a gameplay demo for the game in their conference. It looks like a new Street Fighter game. Granted, Street Fighter does set a precedence but not every fighter game that has came out since Street Fighter IV’s 3D effect looks like a SF game. A lot of fans felt Microsoft ruined the game because Rare isn’t working on the development. That may be the case but I’d like to see more of it before I have made up my mind. I think fans really wanted an HD remake but instead they got a whole spanking new Killer Instinct game.PS4 Console Reveal looks like a loose leaf binder and priceWhen Sony displayed their new Playstation 4 console, I didn’t know whether it was a console or a loose-leaf binder. Glad I took notes because the price had to be written down to believe it. Taking their cue from Playstation 3’s blunder of a launch with its launch price at a whopping $599 and $699, Sony single-handedly crushed Xbox One’s launch price with a good price of $399, one-hundred dollars less than Xbox One’s $499 launch price. Sony Playstation 4 is much smaller than Xbox One in size also. Xbox One’s console looks like a VCR/DVD Combo.


No motion-controlled games in presentations 


Now I have seen some behind-the-scenes look at games showing off their motion-controlled demos but none were displayed in Microsoft’s, Sony’s nor Nintendo’s Conferences. I was shocked and appalled because I own these motion-controlled accessories. I want to see what new games are being made utilizing these wonderful new technology but I get nothing because the 7th and now 8th generation of gamers have a tech stick up their ass and don’t want to experience anything new. So they openingly mock any new advances the gaming industry wants to take and rather spend money on the SAME DAMN THING EVERY TIME. I expected better in these conferences.


Mad Max Video Game


It might not be surprising to hear a game companion to the upcoming movie Mad Max 4 starring Tom Hardy as Mad Max but it was pretty damn surprising to me since there has never been a Mad Max game. From the movies I have watched, Mad Max basically takes place in deserts. So could this game be like Borderlands meets Call of Duty? From the trailer, you don’t get anything but a man on the ground that looks like he’s about to meet his maker.


Plants vs Zombies 2: Garden Warfare


I’m a big fan of Plants vs Zombies so when the gameplay trailer demo was shown I was almost clapping for Microsoft. The game, which was in a 2D fixed scrolling format, is now in 3D and open-worldish. I couldn’t believe it. My mouth was dropped. It was Call of Duty meets Plants vs Zombies. Now I think its cute to name it Garden Warfare but I know others are like…”So now we’re seeing COD iterations in existing franchises, how is that development team calling itself moving  forward with new story and gameplay?” It really just depends on how the elements mesh together. It’s a really good concept and I hope the game lives up to its name. Of course, at first I was mad because Microsoft said it would be exclusive to their system but that was a play on words. What they mean is they will get it first and then eventually go to the other systems. So now I have another reason to purchase the Xbox One.


NFS movie


I didn’t even hear about a Need for Speed movie so I was kinda in awe when Sony or was it EA who announced a new Need for Speed game. Perhaps Electronic Arts realized the Need for Speed: The Run could be turned into a movie since the game kinda bombed in the market. Either way, don’t expect a dramatic story from the NFS movie. I would be really shocked if the movie turned out like Fast and Furious 6.


Super Mario 3D world with peach as a playable character


Gamers were all over Feminist Frequency for stating that Peach hasn’t been a playable character in a Super Mario game since Super Mario 2. What gamers fail to realize is that the Mario franchise has spawned lots of games using the Mario name. Super Mario is a sub-franchise. Even though Peach were playable in other Mario games, she was only playable in ONE Super Mario game. This is a huge deal for women! Yet there are men who want to slap us down in every turn because we use LOGIC to drive conversation…(sometimes, lol).


Nintendo eShop Wii U and Sony’s indie game platform supporting a lot of indie developers


Nintendo and Sony since the 7th Generation have supporting indie game developers in the best light and continue to do so on their new platforms. It’s not a shock that the support is still there, but its a shock as to how many indie game titles will be available at Sony’s PS4 launch and in Nintendo’s eShop in a few months and in 2014. When there’s not much retail titles I want to purchase, I go to indie games, however, my collection has not only a big collection of retail AAA and non-AAA titles but also over 50 indie games via Steam and on PC.


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