Editor’s Pick: Our Top Surprises of E3 2013


[box_info]Most of the Panel were in shock and in awe during E3 2013. Here’s the Editor’s personal picks of top surprises in E3 2013 listed by author.[/box_info]

Shawn’s Top 10 Surprises

Microsoft dissing its own

With Kinect integral to the Xbox One interface I was expecting at least some time to be spent on the games it would power. Instead, old Xbox 360 Kinect games are now controller-ready and powered up for Xbox One; Ryse, Crimson Dragon, LocoCycle. There’s still a lot of promise for what the new generation of Kinect can do for gaming but the big focus was on interface and voice control than anything approaching gameplay.

Dead Rising 3

Yeah, yeah, it’s lost most of its quirky Japanese humor but a giant world of zombies to conquer with an arsenal of improvised weapons? Sounds like a showcase for new hardware and it’s still something I’m into. The original Dead Rising is the reason I wanted a 360 so it’s only fitting that this sequel has me excited for the Xbox One.

Sony’s indie push

We all knew Sony was pushing its indie agenda going into PlayStation 4 but I never expected to see Don’t Starve featured in the middle of Sony’s E3 show. The ensuing showcase of indie games was a great surprise that just kept dishing out names and games I care about.

I’d think about playing Titanfall

I do not enjoy playing online and I really don’t enjoy multiplayer first-person shooters but somehow Titanfall made me want to grab a controller and jump in. The combination of wall-running and double jumping humans with giant, overpowered mechs looks fantastic. One of the most impressive things I’ve seen an FPS do in a decade or more.

I don’t really care about Metal Gear anymore

If I wind up playing Metal Gear Solid 5 at all I think I’ll be going into for its Splinter Cell-ness over its silly Japanese characters and story. Sam Fisher has never been this agile and stealthy! The idea of creating my own tactical espionage action as I sneak across a weird take on the Middle East sounds fun but what I used to love about the series isn’t very interesting anymore.


You can give Call of Duty and Madden flack for doing the same things over and over but Nintendo has been at it WAY longer. Everything they showed was a sequel or straight up remake and it’s all for games I got tired of playing decades ago. Sorry, there’s just nothing exciting for me coming from them.


A mysterious amalgamation of Rolling Thunder, 1960’s spy chic, and minigames, this PlayStation 3, Vita and PlayStation Mobile game looks slick and came out of nowhere at the show.

More Wonderbooks!

After the ribbing Sony took last year for their Wonderbook demonstration they left the internet to discover two new titles revealed at E3 2013; Book of Potions and Walking with Dinosaurs. I will always support weird AR games and Sony’s big book of QR codes remains a favorite, now with dinosaurs!!

Tablet madness

It’s starting to feel like an iPad or Nexus 10 is just as important to gaming as a controller. Almost all the big publishers were touting tablet integration and second-screen features in their upcoming games. And not just for lame stuff like laggy map displays. The Division may be the most ambitious use of an app so far but all the showings made good arguments for adding the extended layers of interaction.

Cloud possibilities

When it comes to the overused term “the cloud” I feel like Inigo Montoya, advising that I do not think that word means what you think it means. Regardless, some real examples were shown at E3 how games can be augmented and improved by offloading computations and gameplay data to the cloud. Forza 5 has shown the most impressive stuff so far but what’s really exciting is that it’s happening. It’s not just fluffy PR speak, taking advantage of cloud resources is a real thing and I’m more hopeful than ever that some amazing stuff will come out of it.

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