Digital trend will not boot physical purchases in videogame industry


The following post was published in November, 2011.


There is an article going around about a survey noting 57% of 1,000 videogames professionals at the London Games Conference believe digital sales will overtake boxed product sales in 2015. 16% of that group say the switch will happen in a year, 39% say during 2013, and 76% before 2015 is over.

Source: Digital Delivery to Overtake Boxed Games in 2015.


Contrary to these industry executive beliefs, the world does not currently possess this kind of technology on a global scale to handle full console to streaming games digitally. Granted there’s plenty of digital games for sale, but it’s access isn’t made worldwide simply because some internet connections cannot sustain speeds to stream games.

Therefore physical purchases will still be dominate in years to come unless everyone has the speed of fiber optics available in their area. I’m not saying that digital sales will not rise or even outsell in the upcoming years, but saying digital games will discontinue physical purchases in just 3 years is downright mythical. I wouldn’t want these execs to work for my company in the finance department.