Blazing Entrails: Response to E3 Predictions on





The article on Gamezone features the staff sharing their E3 Predictions. Here is my response (reposted from my post at in the N-dub Nation group)

“Ok, i need to get my two cents in here…

First off, the only unbias and non-full of shit prediction goes to: Michael Splechta. I liked his predictions. Not just cause he picked Nintendo but it seemed like he really knows WHAT’S GOING ON. 

The other writers are so full of shit that it’s not worth going full detail because its obvious they are either fanboys or analysts and we know how full of shit analysts are.

It’s like these writers and other professionals don’t look at the numbers. Nintendo Wii has outsold all current generation consoles and 3ds continues to outsell PS Vita. Yet they continue to hold a candle for Sony and Microsoft. 

Matt Liebl made a stupid remark. He says that the Wii U’s success will be determines by how much it costs basically saying that if its too high no one will buy it. Well that didn’t stop Sony PLaystation 3. That bitch was $600 when it came out and mo-fos was on lines like it was a damn iPhone that just came out. But we all know that PS3 failed in the long run due to lackluster titles. 

The average predication from the article by a landslide said Microsoft will win E3. That’s a laugh. E3 is all about games and it should be about games for every type of gamer, but when you have the same type of genres being announced or even lackluster titles for the new tech you have for the console/portable for the last couple of years it starts to get old. Nintendo and its 3rd parties has always had games for every type of gamer and the tech behind it. That’s why Nintendo always wins. They have never sold out and had games to match their new tech. And now they’ll have even more of a diversity on their Wii U. its a win-win to me. /rant”