Another Big Player Leaves Capcom


Many of you Mega Man fans likely well remember the departure of Keiji Inafune from Capcom and the slew of cancellations that followed.  Inafune had created the franchise from the ground up, and his departure, even if Capcom chooses to deny it, led to the canning of “Mega Man Universe” and “Mega Man Legends 3,” as well as a couple smaller projects.  It’s a blow that still hits home even today.

Recently, sadly, Capcom U.S.’s Senior Vice-President, Chris Svensson, announced that he, too, was leaving the company.  Svensson was clear that his departure from the company was ultimately his choice and was the result of some corporate downsizing and reorganization that was taking place.  In a show of unity, Svensson decided that he, too, would leave with those that were being laid off.  It is a sad, but noble decision.

Svensson was instrumental in seeing that the fans of Capcom titles in the United States got their voices heard by the corporate big-wigs in Japan, and Svensson has always been a true believer in the power of fans.  He was very excited to help bring both “Mega Man 9″ and “Mega Man 10″ to the U.S. and he was a key player in helping show the Japanese staff the love that Americans had for the franchise and their desire to see the ill-fated “Mega Man Legends 3″ come to life.

Also, it was Svensson who met with the man who had created the original “Street Fighter X Mega Man” fan-game and helped turn it into an official title.

So, what does this mean for the future of the franchise?  It seems like we go from lows to highs and back to lows again.  For years of not having any huge titles we got both MM9 and then MM10, but then Inafune left and most of his projects were canned, and then Svensson helped to drum up interest in the 25th anniversary and get SFxMM greenlit.  But now what?  Is the Blue Bomber going to go back into his box again for a while, or is there still some light at the end of the tunnel?