5 Reasons PC Gaming Is Not Completely Dominant

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[dropcap]W[/dropcap] hen it comes to gaming, there’s usually a lot of talk about PC being better than consoles.  However, there are at least 5 common issues in which the consoles beat the PC:

5. Local Multiplayer

Although hardly anyone comes to each other’s house and gets the good ol’ split-screen going, consoles are by far easier to set-up local multiplayer with your friends. It’s already hooked up to a big screen and the console can support a number of controllers easily.

On PC, people would have to bring their own computers and monitors, mouse and keyboard and/or controller.  There’s got to be a room or 2 with enough wall jacks to power up the equipment and then waiting for everyone to get their computers turned on and in-game. It’s not impossible to do but we’re looking at 15-30 minutes of setting up for most likely a 2 hour game session. There’s also another issue with this.  If too many electronic devices are hooked up in the same room, you could trip a breaker and that could mess up either yours or your friend’s computers and maybe even crash the hard drives and that is a disaster. Also, the host will be paying a bigger electricity bill at the end of the month.

4. Longer Boot Times/ Portability

So this really isn’t much of an advantage but consoles are slightly more mobile than PC’s. Even with a fast computer, it still takes a few minutes to get the operating system (OS) going and then hooking up to the internet and opening Steam to finally get to your games.  With Consoles, they do boot-up slightly faster since its OS is made primarily for gaming and you can get into a game within seconds of booting-up. Again, it’s not a huge advantage but when you’re going back and forth, a console is easier to move around and get going than a PC.

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3. The Family Room

So this is an issue where I believe the consoles beat PC in almost any way. To get a PC hooked up to the TV isn’t a big deal but then you’d need a wireless mouse and keyboard to control the PC. Since it’s a living room and the coffee table is usually lower than a desk, you’re either going to have to juggle a keyboard on your lap or set up a dinner tray or 2.

So you could hook up a controller and you can play that way, but then you’re just using the PC like a console and you don’t get the advantage of using a mouse and keyboard.

This is a do-able concept but consoles really do fit into the family room a lot easier and friendlier than a PC.

2. Game Stability

Yes game stability is another good one.  Since consoles aren’t all that modify-able with their specs, developers have to build their games within a boundary instead of going all out. Recently, EA released the recommendations to run Battle Field 4 and what leaps out are a high-powered graphics card with 3GB of dedicated RAM to the graphics card. Well, both PS4 and Xbox 1 will have some high-powered chips but even this is just about pushing the limit if you could run the PC version on the consoles.

What this does as well is for those PC gamers on a budget will have to deal with lower FPS (30-50) which is about what you’ll get anyways on a console, while other PC gamers will have their rigs be able to pull out more closer to 100 fps. That does give a bit of an advantage when your machine isn’t working as hard to produce the same picture as it makes the gameplay smoother unlike a machine straining for 40 fps.

1. Exclusives

Although Microsoft does bring some of their exclusives to PC, there are still 2 major companies that you won’t be able to play their exclusives without their consoles.  This might not sound like the number 1 issue but with exclusives such as Mad Max (PS4 only), it does get attention and some gamers even buy a console just for that one big exclusive! So if you’re on a budget, this can be put into play as to whether to buy a new PC or go with a console.


In conclusion, both consoles and PC have their disadvantages but normally, people tend to just be blind and say PC is always better.  This is to show that although PC does usually give out the best gameplay, it’s not always the best choice for everyone.

What I Didn’t Go Over


  • I did not go over Free-to-Play games because those types are on both consoles and PC and then it gets to a debate of “which game is better”.
  • I did not talk about computer crashes since that is possible but a bit of a low-ball and if we were all to be honest, consoles crash and burn too.
  • I did not talk about pricing because PC’s usually cost more but some consoles require a monthly subscription to play online and just about balances out the price difference in the long-run.



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