The Halloween Jugular: The Addams Family Values


The Addams Family Values

Baby Pubert is the newest addition to the family. Wednesday and Pugsley Addams is jealous of their new sibling, so Gomez and Morticia bring a nanny to help out; Debby Jellinsky. Whom Uncle Fester falls in love and marry, which causes a split in the family. Debbie suggests to send Wednesday and Pugsley to summer camp and takes Fester away. Does Debbie really love Fester? Or is she after his fortune?

The Addams Family Values, one of the few sequels I can remember that surpasses the first movie. Raul Julia brings the zest and vigor to Gomez Addams. Also Nathan Lane adds the sarcastic jabs which fuels the setup of Gomez’s rant “Has the planet gone mad?!” This is one of my favorite scenes, along with my partner in crime– Quaisha aka SpawnHellraiser. You have to give the cast credit for keeping a straight face though out the scene. I would have broken character too many times doing these takes! Raul Julia was a master of his craft.



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