The Delightful Critics Club are striving to be a traveling debate club going to different events, meeting new people, participating in talks relevant to the entertainment industry, interviewing critics of entertainment and more. 

We are also working towards having our own portable Headquarters (Virtual and In Real Life) where our members can come and mingle, participate in members-only events, critics from around the world can come and be interviewed or guest appear on our videocast, and our staff and writers have the Round table to debate their favorite topics. 

We’re showing entertainment communities that its OK to enjoy the things you love and respect the people who don’t love the same things as you. 

What Your Donations Will Cover

All donations from our Twitch.TV channel, Youtube Channel and website will cover these things for now: 

  • Website and Social profile Design and Maintenance – To keep our website updated and creating branded designs or modifying existing designs for easier integration of members and visitors
  • Marketplace creation – Building a digital store to fill with branded merchandise
  • Purchasing camera and audio equipment – This equipment will be used for interviewing and roundtable discussions at our headquarters
  • Purchasing any software, computers and electronics to create our own designs, original content, and keep updated with entertainment technology to review
  • A portable Headquarters
  • Registering the brand as an organization and trademark
  • Keeping the staff contributing! 


If you love our mission, the vision, content and shows please donate to keep them coming and improving. Any amount is acceptable as long as it’s in $1 increments. Also consider becoming a member.