COTR Podcast

Critics of the Round Table Podcast Overview

The podcast and videocast of the same name will feature the Panel and guest interviews debating current industry news and other features.
Some features are optional depending on availability of content, guest or other considerations. 
  1. The Anticipation – Talking about what each panelist is anticipating that week or month
  2. The Enjoyment – Talking about what each panelist is currently enjoying in entertainment 
  3. The Eyeball Save – Sharing recommendations in entertainment.
  4. Table Spin (debate segment) – 1-3 Topics to debate. Da Zone round – Choose a winner with the final debate (announce at the end of the show) 
  5. Fandom – answering fan questions
  6. Delightful Critics Club Highlighted content – sharing a topic from this series.
  7. Guest Interview/Q&A – interviewing a guest 
Length of podcast:  60 to 90 minutes 
# of Panelists: 4 – 5