Is Jesus Too Holy For Sex: A Marriage Dilemma




The following post was published in September 2012.

MSN never ceases to amaze me. And yesterday’s amazement trumped the last 6 months of bonifide American WTF articles. You may not know my status on religion or my beliefs so it’s only fair to tell you before you read further. I seek truth not in religion or religious doctrines or even by speaking with members of different faiths. I seek truth through myself and my experience with nature, animals and humans. My main truth about religion is this: It’s made up. Spirituality on the other hand nor philosophy are religions and I learn about these too.

As I combed the responses to “‘Too Holy’ for sex? The Problem of A Married Jesus by U.S. News“, I favorited a couple explaining exactly how I feel about this topic and Jesus…

First comment by Travelingfotog

Jesus was a man-made creation. Nothing more. IT never existed. IT never was real. The babble is man-made. Religions are man made. Religions are extremely flawed because man/woman is fatally flawed. There was NO god, no Adam or Eve. AND if your christian god was able to create Adam from thin air, dirt, or whatever, why did YOUR god need a host for its “first-born son jesus? Wouldn’t Adam have been the first son then, or no? Oh wait, the babble makes no sense from that point on!

Religions keep people in the dark. They keep people separated. They keep people from learning reality and truth. The christian religion “preaches tolerance and acceptance of others,” yet if you don’t kowtow to them and practice their beLIEfs then they have no use for you, just like Mittens Wormney. The christian faith is one of the biggest farces ever in the history of humankind.

IF, IF, IF jesus was so Fn special back in the day, why wasn’t something saved after the alleged death of it? I mean like the crown, the cross, the nails, etc.. Seriously, if the Egyptians (mummies of all sorts), Greeks, etc saved items for the afterlife that we can now study and the only things the christians have is the babble.. LMFAO!! No truth in a book written centuries after the alleged event, no witnesses left to counter the lies in a book..

Religion is and will be the downfall of humankind. Only those free from religion are the ones who are free to live life without obligations to a false idol!

Second comment by Gary 420

This is the problem when non Christians attempt to explain Christian Doctrine. You are confusing the Catholic Church ( approx. 40% of Christians) with the rest of us.

Jesus was sent to earth to live among mankind. To experience fear,joy, pain, anguish, temptation and all that it means to be human. Being married is consistent with the divine plan that Jesus was sent to earth to fill out. Again, the Bible is silent as to his marital status.

Catholic priests gained so much power and land and control over their parishes in the middle ages, that forbidding them to marry and procreate was seen as a way to limit their power. There is NOTHING Biblical that prevents priests from being married. That is a man-made invention of the Catholic Church, which frequently strays far afield from Biblical teachings in its doctrine.

Many Catholics also believe that Mary remained a virgin. Most other Christians believe she and Joseph had normal sexual relations and it was likely that Jesus had ” earthly” brothers and sisters. Jesus was sent to live among a family and experience all that family life involved.

In that time, it would have been very odd for a 30-year-old man to not be married. Many scholars believe that most of the 12 disciples were married. For a bunch of reasons, including brevity and sexism, the lives of the wives were not mentioned by writers of the gospels. Mary and Mary Magdalene were major figures in the Bible, but other women were left unmentioned.

I don’t know if this document is authentic or not, but it makes no difference to this conservative evangelical Christian if Jesus was married or not. He came to live among us and to die for our salvation. 


I think it’s great that it has been revealed that the artificial or a real possible Jesus actually did have a human life after all. It goes to show that sex isn’t evil, and it should never be, it just depends on how you use sex. Priests know all about this don’t they?