Blazing Entrails: Are You Fixing Your Relationship Reading ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’?


PopWatch of tries to explain how this “mommy porn” is taking the world by storm with the novel ‘Fifty Shades of Grey‘. There is fan-fiction inspired by this novel which is actually ironic since the story was inspired by a Twilight fan who wrote their own version as a vampire-free kinky sex exhibition.

I wonder about these people. I haven’t read the book but there’s already talks about making the movie and probably a TV show that will be on HBO, Starz or Showtime. But what are your thoughts about this? Just a couple of years ago or more, if you were into S&M (cause that’s what the book is mostly about), you were considered a freak, a devil-worshiper, and much worst. Oh and of course, you were told you were going to hell.

Now suddenly this book comes out and it’s the hottest thing to lighten up living-dead vaginae across the country. The same moms who lifted up their hands to their mouths and say “NOT ME!” to the question if you suck your boyfriend’s/husband’s dick.

You got these sex-crazed characters in the  book, cause mostly what they do is just have sex. There’s no real relationship in there, NONE, at all. The male character is a fucked up dude yet these women are trying to make their relationship resemble what’s in the book?

A week ago, 3 talk shows that came on the same day had guests and audience talk about ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’. Most of the women who read it said it changed their sex life. Their husbands or boyfriends said they fantasize about this “Christian” male character. They want their spouses to be more like him and what not. WTF? You want them to chain you up, talk shit to you, and treat you like a piece of meat? You needed a book to tell you how you like to be owned in bed? HAHAHAHA! These Stanford Wives wannabes make me sick to my stomach.How dare they even form the words out of their mouth and say the book ‘helped’ them in their relationship when all it’s doing is giving you a super romance story. Get the hell outta here with all that and go learn how to fix your relationships and give your man some head!
[box_light]Do you think Fifty Shades of Grey should be used as guidelines to fix a relationship? Do you know anyone who is using it to fix their relationship? If so, is it working?[/box_light]