5 Reasons Why Amazon Kindle is better than Books


The following post was published in October 2012.

Amazon Kindle EReaders

Amazon Kindle. Image credit by spyglassviewer.com

Spyglass Viewer tells us why Amazon Kindle is better than books in 5 ways.


I was just talking to my mother, a book-worm, last night about this very sort of thing. Here’s her reasons why Amazon Kindle is NOT better than books:


  1. Nothing feels better than to have a regular book in your hands and reading it during travel.
  2. It’s a social thing. With a Kindle, no one knows what you are reading when you are on the train or bus but if you have a hardcover/paperback, everyone can see what you are reading and strike up a conversation about it.
  3. You can rent paperback or hardcovers free at your public library. You can’t rent with E-books.
  4. You have to pay for an eReader and for the e-books.


Those were her reasons. I do not agree with any of her reasons. Read Spyglass guest post for the reasons I DO agree with:


5 Reasons Why Amazon Kindle is better than Books


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