The Trailer Zone: Rooster Teeth’s RWBY “Black”


Rooster Teeth, the production company and creators behind the popular Halo-based comedy series Red vs Blue, is working on a new series in a different genre – an anime series called RWBY. The name stands for Red.White.Black.Yellow, following 4 specific female ninja warriors and their journey. With not much else to go on, Rooster Teeth unleashed three trailers so far with the latest being the ‘Black’ trailer.

In the ‘Black’ trailer, a ninja duo battles robots on board a moving train. With English voice acting, it should surely be popular in America when the anime series is released. I may not be too keen about the male’s voice actor, however, I can get used to anything as long as there is ample action.

RWBY will premier at Rooter Teeth’s Expo in Austin, TX on July 5-7, 2013. 

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