Short Burst Review: Hellsing Ultimate: Hellsing X


In closing, the epic battle at Capitol Hill in London, England between the Nazis Major and Millenium, Iscariot and the Hellsing Organization we witness the monsters humanity, weaknesses and guilt. Each character is dissected for the ultimate understanding of why this war had to happen. A 50-year old feud put to rest and a relationship unbroken for years to come. Everyone had an ending, as Grand as it was.


Victoria Ceras and Integra Hellsing

The match-ups of their century – Alucard, as a young girl Vs. a young Walter; Integra Wingates Hellsing vs The Major; Selas Victoria vs The Captain. The Major loved his plan coming together even at the most chaotic. We didn’t know what he had in store for the Beast of all Beasts.


The Trump Card

At the height of Alucard’s boss fight, the Major threw in a monkey wretch that would render Alucard’s power useless. The strength of Alucard is with the many souls he devoured and collected, calling them at will to do his bidding. While Alcuard absorbed the blood of the dead surrounding him and unintentionally also absorbed Schrödinger body, his enemy’s power was omnipresence which altered the will of the souls, making them unstable and lose their identity. This weakness, not at all easily found, trumped the all-powered up Alucard. In a matter of minutes poor Walter was left standing there with no closure.

With Alucard no longer a threat, it was up to Victoria and Sir Integra to take down the Major and his minions aboard the zeppelin. Seras Victoria, now the last of Alucard’s bloodline, has to fight The Captain, another supernatural creature that can change into a werewolf and uses a sidearm. Integra, only armed with handguns, faces a defenseless Major at his headquarters.


Young Walter

What happened to Walter? Slowing approaching death, he managed to return to the Major’s battleship and find the truth about how the vampire Nazis soldiers and the Major’s personal force were created. Dok thought his work would continue on but the vampire Walter had other plans.

The Major - Hellsing OVA 10

The Major

The quick thinking Victoria with her now spirit pal Pip Bernadote defeated The Captain just in the nick of time to assistant the guns blazing Integra that would finally end the Major’s inhumane reign, but all we got out of it was a dis-satisfactory death, be it had to happen as it did.

With all the twists and turns, the suspense and horror, the Hellsing organization continued on in the wake of total destruction in London. It was expected because a woman as ‘graceful’ as Sir Integra Wingates Hellsing can never be put down. Fifty years later, like an old dog from treacherous battle, Integra still leads Hellsing and by her side is Selas Victoria training new recruits. A new lead force for Iscariot, the catholic competitors to Hellsing, still wants to wage war on Hellsing but patiently waits like a henna picking off a wounded lion cub in the darkness. And while we thought it couldn’t get any less boring for Hellsing, an old face emerges from the moonlight ready to serve his master.

Alucard takes a bow



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