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“You plan on taking all those Titans on by yourself?”
“If I can’t, I die. But if I win, I live. I can’t win unless I fight.”

Attack on Titan, an anime based on the manga of the same name, rings by this theme. In our cruel world, only the strong get to live. The weak can become strong and help other weaklings become strong or they can pick on the weak. It’s that simple. But the world is also full of beauty. So what do you fight for?

Titans, with an appearance of gigantic humanoids, seem to have only one purpose – to devour humans. They don’t devour other living things just humans. That makes them top of the food chain. There are no records of Titan’s habitat nor their intelligence.


Armored Titan



Titans suddenly appeared in the world 107 years ago and began an onslaught against most of the human population. The survivors built a 50-meter high walls and barricaded themselves within it, spaced with 3 inner cities – Maria, Rose and Sina. These constructed walls brought the survivors and new families 100 years of peace.

Unfortunately peace never lasts too long. Titans reappeared at the beginning of this story right outside the wall of Maria. Eren Jaeger and his adoptive sister Mikasa Ackerman are smack into the middle of the chaos. Along with their best friend Armin Arlant, they managed to flee the over run city but not without losing loved ones. Questioning why, Eren makes a pact to himself – he vows to get strong and drive the Titans out of the city. Exploring the outside world is his dream. But he must fight to make it happen.

As emotional as it all sounds, you get a sense of what animals may feel like when trapped inside a cage. Always getting messed with, they feel hopeless and small on a daily basis. However, one always arises out of the pack to lead. Attack on Titan shows you both sides of the fight. Through the eyes of the weak and misguided and through the eyes of the strong and leaders.

It does take teamwork, loyalty and trust to survive but most of all it takes courage to live and fight along each other even if its to the death!


You can watch Attack on Titan at and in English Subtitles.

Current Season: 1, Episodes ran so far: 10. Episodes in season: 25 + OVA


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