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Who are The Delightful Critics?


The Delightful Critics Club (DCC) is an exclusive social club for critics in entertainment, existing in an insult-free zone, and only allowing hand-picked members or recommended critics from existing members within the club. It’s also a meet-up group for local/global movie or game night sessions.


Who created the Delightful Critics Club?

Quaisha A. Thornton and Vincent Pimental are the Founders and Editors-in-Chief of Delightful Critics.

One day while sitting with Vincent Pimentel aka Vansulis, debating the movie
Prometheus for the hundredth time, I had an epiphany. Why not have similar debates
about our favorite entertainment with others just like this? I imagined having debates
with critics from all over the world through written articles and round-table style
chats just to read and listen to an endless amount of opinions that makes for
excellent entertainment in itself.



What do we do?

We merge curative content and our original creation with real-time debates from critics in various entertainment fields within our community and from outside media outlets. A panel exists for our Critics of the Roundtable podcasts and videocasts. Our featured content includes roundtable and single-opinion news, reviews, previews, featured stories & series about the following genres: video games, movies, anime, television, books, music soundtracks, technology, live and recreational entertainment.

Our Mission

Along with our manifesto, The Critics’ Social Club is designated to reignite the flames of true journalistic criticism and pass the torch of criterion to the young and brave. For we have no interest in one critique. We have interest in many.

Our Vision

Passion, Collaboration and Community are the new vision of Delightful Critics. Our mission is to bring back true journalistic integrity and form our own criticisms. The Delightfuls argue and post only their most passionate topics or viewpoints. If we don’t care about the topic, then we don’t post about it. And in turn, we feature the
best arguments in our community and around the internet. It’s not like community sites that get an endless feed strictly from members posting content. This curation is highly customized, monitored and evaluated, only putting
the best community voices on collaborative content or featured the best in the community.


Check our Authors page to learn about our staff.


page last updated: November 2, 2013