A Critic’s Ethic

Our Critic’s Ethics


All main writers and vloggers (will be referred to as “The Staff”) of the Delightful Critics Club brand abide by the following statement of ethics. 

Note: This does not include affiliate collaborations, panelists, guests and contributors not in The Staff. 


1. We don’t sell the products or services we debate or cover directly


There will come a time when we will start adding buttons encouraging you to buy some products we cover from an affiliate network. Also, we will have a shop to offer our branded merchandise. When those times come, we will let you know.


2. Advertising


We offer advertising on our site, which is our main source of revenue currently. The Founders and Editor-in-Chiefs handle all advertising responsibility for selling ad space on our site. We do not accept money or other considerations from companies, special guests, brands or professionals in the industries we cover as a condition or incentive to write a review, story, or to debate or interview whether favorable or unfavorable, on Delightful Critics.com. All editorials, videocasts, podcasts and debates on DelightfulCritics.com and in our community are based on our Staff’s discretion, and not based at all on the desire of any company, brand, media outlet, advertiser or PR firm. We will not feature nor permit placement of any advertorial. Any advertisements shown on DelightfulCritics.com will be clearly marked as an advertisement.


3. Our Sources


DelightfulCritics.com obtains news and content from a variety of sources and from our readers themselves by sending us tips. The Delightful Critics Club are not a news outlet source constantly reporting on the latest news and announcements, therefore we don’t have many “sources” to contact and verify for current or upcoming news. We rely on good old-fashioned searching and from our personal experiences to research topics for our original content and to contact guests for interviews. If we do have sources, some may not wish to be named and we shall honor such requests and keep these sources anonymous without exception. We do not provide compensation for tips as our general policy.


4. Our Conduct


We don’t take gifts of merchandise, interviews or free or discounted services in exchange for a favorable story or review. We will take merchandise or try services as part of an editorial accepted request to review or debate that merchandise or service but the editorialize coverage or rating will be up to the Staff’s discretion.  


We also do not allow trips or any portions of trips, meals or the offer to pay our hosting and club operation expenses to be paid by third parties in exchange for favorable articles, stories or reviews. We can accept trips and other expenses to cover events however, any editorial ratings and viewpoints are up to the Staff’s discretion about these events. We bare most of the expenses to pay for travel expenses to all events. 


5.  Appearances and Club Meets


The Delightful Critics Club is also a social club with local, national and international meets and events. Any on-site hosts and managers for those faction groups and events will have a dress code to wear during them. The Staff also may be asked to appear in professional capacities as critics on television, news, radio, or other media. These appearances will also have a dress code.


6. No Employees


The Staff, except for the Founder and Co-Founder, and panelists are not employees of The Delightful Critics. Any member that is on the staff are paid-freelancers. Our brand is an organization not a company.



7. Permissions


The Staff, COTR panelists, guests and contributors are not allowed to conduct any criticism or journalism in the name of the brand without permission of the Founders and in all professional capacities.


8.  Samples for Review/Review Units and Debates


We accept loan units, products or samples to the Staff and contributors for a given period of time or to keep in order for us to review and debate such samples and to determine whether we will provide a review, story or debate for the product or service on DelightfulCritics.com. We prefer to receive such samples at the same time as the public because we don’t want to review incomplete products or services. However, for preview articles, we may agree to receive samples before the commercial availability and we may agree to not publish a review until the item is commercially available.  


We do not accept any samples on any preconditions, such as, that we will agree to provide a review simply because the company sent us a sample or the company might have an employee as one of our panelists, guests or contributors. 


There may be items that are retained for extended review periods such as games with upcoming DLC or some other products with consistent updates. Our policy is that the review unit may not be used as a personal device of a writer, vlogger or panelists during the predetermined review periods.


At most times, we decide to review or debate something which has not been provided to us by a company, our sponsor, or a brand. In this case, we will purchase the product or service for the staff to review or debate.


9. Sponsorships and Affiliates


We accept sponsors and encourage affiliations of like-sites and clubs. We will host a page catering to listing our sponsors and affiliates with their biographies and also links in the sidebar to click on their websites. Our affiliates can be one of our guests or on the panel. Our sponsors are not on our panel however may be one of our special VIP guests but this is at the discretion of the staff.


10. Personal Conflict


If any staff member or panelist is an employee, contractor, freelancer or a consultant to any of the products or services we cover, it is fully disclosed on their bio page. We will not permit our staff to cover any stories, reviews, debates or articles in direct relation to their employment or financial source. 


11. Guests


We will interview critics related to the entertainment genres we cover whether they are unknown or very popular (celeb status). These critics may also be guest bloggers on our site. However, our policy does not permit the use of celebrity (non-critic) endorsements or testimonials, although celebrities may be mentioned in an article. 


12. Editorial Opinions


Our editorial content is written by individuals, and each article, debate, story, podcast or review represents the opinions or views of the individual author(s) or the collection of the COTR (will be disclosed). Any opinion expressed in content that appears on DelightfulCritics.com is the opinion of the author(s) – whether an editor, staff member, or other contributor, and should not be construed as an opinion formally approved or endorsed by The Delightful Critics Founders.



These guidelines and principles we follow by choice, and have been determined as a group to abide by, because we think they are the best way to conduct our club. If you have further questions about our ethics or club practices, you should contact us here


[This statement may change as time goes by to incorporate more of our new policies and branching out. When this happens, we’ll let you know by posting the announcement in our boards and community groups]

Version: 3.1, last updated: June 20, 2015