Founder’s Note: The New Year and Us


We all make first time website launching mistakes. Learning from them and experimenting with new strategies and team responsibilities is the fun part of making mistakes. And I had lots of fun since June 2013. However, all fun and no work makes The Delightfuls too lazy. For the new year, we don’t want to be lazy. We want to be obnoxiously clever and in your face. What we do best is to debate and argue, so we are going to bring you more of that on all our social fronts – Youtube, Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Linkedin. 

This month saw some forward thinking – the editorial team were able to vote on what kind of videocast/podcast shows we want to do. Now we’re gearing up on releasing our first ever podcast episode on our Youtube channel. We’ll be coming up with a name for it as well.

We’re also working towards hitting the road and interviewing fellow movie goers on the new movie releases they just paid to watch, right at our favorite movie theaters. 

The Club are making moves. If you have debates, we will travel! 

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