Founder’s Note: New Vision


The new vision of Delightful Critics as outlined in the updated About Us page:

Passion, Collaboration and Community are the new vision of Delightful Critics. We are a blast of energy waves coming at our readers and listeners merging together for the ultimate kai-ball. Each energy wave is the passion straight from the members of D.C.C, collaborating on specific issues that gives you the best and multiple viewpoints, forming a kai ball that can hit or miss, but nevertheless you see it coming.

The Delightfuls argue and post only their most passionate topics or viewpoints. If we don’t care about the topic, then we don’t post about it. And in turn, we feature the best arguments in our community and around the internet.

Its not like community sites that get an endless feed strictly from members posting content. This curation is highly customized, monitored and evaluated, only putting the best community voices on collaborative content or featured the best in the community.

The new vision comes after a trail and error of how a panel would contribute content to the site as collaborations instead of individual contributions. I learned from this experience and will now tailor accordingly.


How will this new vision be implemented?

A. Membership

The site and community memberships are open only to the invited. In other words, we hand-pick our members. People can request membership by registering on the website or sending a request invite to join our Facebook and Google+ Groups. Members will be able to contribute their own content to the Delightful Critics at any time by submitting their articles through:

1. email – delightfulcritics[@]
2. user submission forms
3. or their DCC site accounts

User submissions forms are available for guests and members. Members can also pitch their content in the DCC Google+ Community “Pitch your content” section.


B. Same Panel
A panel will still be present but only for podcasts/videocasts forever interchanging with members and guests. Current panelists can feature their own content or write new content for the site. Roundtable will no longer be the main focus of the site. However, collaboration is still available. If an article is pitched that leaves open for further collaboration, members and current panelists can add their responses to it, but the article is written as a one viewpoint so that if no collaboration takes place, then it will still get published.

A Pitch list is made available in the community with the publishing date next to topics. With or without added opinions, it will get published, therefore any member or panelist who wants to collaborate only has a short window to do so.


C. The Quest for Quality
The quest for featured comments, questions and articles will be only in Delightful Critics Club community including the website, groups and social pages. As members post their content, we can choose the best to feature as the DCC Community Spotlight feature.

Topics in the community marked “Community Spotlight Feature” or “Community Featured” will be posted on the and will feature the best comments or debate arguments embedded in the post.


How we curate community content

* Community content are carefully curated and rated. Not every submitted content is usable. Each content has a green or red status and voted by the Editors of the site.
* Responses used by members for articles or outside sources will always be contacted in someway to notify them that we are using their responses to be featured in our community.
* When content is green lit the author can then continue working on it and will be given a publish date.