Founder’s Note: Grand Opening Day!


[dropcap]W[/dropcap]elcome to the Launch of, where you are entertained with our roundtable content such as debates and our featured podcast. The Panelist brings you news, reviews, previews, and featured stories with a roundtable or debate-spin. The Staff brings you original featured series and hosts the Critics of the Roundtable podcast.


[quote]We encourage debates and discussions on all our content.[/quote]



You have never experienced anything like this on a daily basis. We encourage debates and discussions on all our topics and You can even vote which panelist you like best in a debate or vote in a debate poll. 

I am very proud of and the community that is already going strong with more than 50 members. This is only the beginning as we take in more feedback and ideas from the D.C.C Community to help improve with the website and the community alike.



To know exactly what kind of content we do and our content schedules, check the Top Menu for our About D.C.C section and Features and Schedules section.

This is E3 Week and our first step into entertaining you is to have debates and roundtable reviews of the E3 Conferences as well as reporting news of games that interest us. We would feature the not so popular goodies however, this is E3 so most games are going to be popular. is not a news outlet nor will try to strive to be a news outlet. We are critics and doing what we do best, debating our crazy but considerate and respectful opinions with others in the various mediums. Come join us! 


Founder and Editor-in-Chief, 

Quaisha A. Thornton @qathornton